Agris Smilga


Thanks for coming to my site. At this moment site is under construction. However please check out my actual Web design, UX/UI and front-end development works.

Please feel free to contact me on social networks.

Redesign of Lattelecom offer emails
  • - Definition of redesign requirements
  • - Consultations about technical possibilities and solutions in email development
  • - Development of emails in accordance with new design guidelines
Email 1
Email 2
Email 3
Landing page for Lattelecom main services
  • - Wireframe design
  • - Project management
  • - HTML & CSS editing and improvement
  • - Implementation of new interactive functionality with jQuery
Landing page 1
Other landing pages of Lattelecom services

Maintenance and administration of these pages, incl. HTML, CSS editing and improvement.

Landing page 2
Landing page 3
Fit club home page

Ideas of visual communication and development of the site with Wordpress.
Portfolio pages

Development of visual materials and sites with different tools for self-employed customers.

Portfolio page 1
Portfolio page 2
Web dev practice

Some of my practice works - HTML & CSS and jQuery, that are completed by me during Web development studies.

CSS Grid
CSS and JavaScript